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  Welcome friends all over the world, Welcome to Henan Benecc Co.!

  Henan benecc Co., Ltd. is a young, dynamic company!

  The company has always been adhering to the "respect for customers, employees pro, honesty, quality

  is the root" business purposes and "harmony factories,

  Happy to work, "the corporate culture.

  We establish a firm and clear concept of quality. Uphold professionalism, pursuit of excellence,

  excellence, consistently,

  Quality products, quality services and improve product value and corporate image, which is our eternal


  We adhere to the "began to customer requirements, and finally customer satisfaction," the

  guidelines. Creating value for customers is all the work of our business

  The core, as long as the customer give us a trust, we will also customers a satisfactory practical

  actions, it is our constant commitment

  And the pursuit!

  We believe in win-win cooperation and common development concept. Success and development is

  inseparable from each customer and partner's career

  Support, we always put the interests of customers and partners in the first place above all else,

  I believe that with your development, in order to give me more

  Support, win-win is our ultimate pursuit, I believe, with you, I'll be better, I believe, we always


  I believe that we will be in the same boat friend.

  We advocate a "harmonious factories, happy work," the corporate culture. Our dedication to create

  for each employee a good

  Work environment and broad space for development, so that each employee's talent here to get to play

  and enjoy the show, so that employees and businesses

  Common development and common development, which is our biggest wish!

  21st century, opportunities and challenges, and dreams of glory coexist. Our own future and the

  future with confidence and strength,

  We will live up to expectations, future times, scaled new heights, to build China's leather industry

  star, customers,

  Employees, community to fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of a business due.

  I hope you will never become friends, to our common cause of progress

  Chairman: Mr.Yu.